CarriageHouse Consulting
CarriageHouse Consulting
The following are some of the areas in which we have expertise and routinely practice:
  • Assessment of properties prior to acquisitions via ASTM Phase I and II, and oversight of establishment assessments via the CT Transfer Act.
  • Environmental due diligence surveys, including efficacy reviews for historical assessment and remediation work.
  • Site-specific risk characterization
  • Active and passive remediation pilot testing and evaluation services, including preparation and review of Remedial Action Plans and Implementation Reports.
  • Remediation system permitting, installation, operation, and maintenance.
  • Emergency Response direction and oversight, including assistance in regulatory notification and interface.
  • Litigation support services, including depositions for plaintiff.
  • Pilot testing and selection of remediation technologies; and
  • Deed Notices or Restrictions associated with subsurface contamination.
We also provide our services to other consultants, engineering companies, and law firms or attorneys requiring in-house style advice or counsel, professional peer reviews, or to process, manage, and maintain extensive geospatial data sets. Our work with these companies and firms has resulted in our clients receiving the highest-quality service with the best-possible return on their investment.

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