CarriageHouse Consulting
We provide a variety of consulting services typically driven by acquisition, valuation, development, or divestment concerns at properties where OHM contamination exists. Our approach in these matters reflects an evaluation of the risks or hazards that may exist based on the parameters and confines of each individual case. As more risk-based corrective action (RBCA) style legislation is promulgated, this risk-based approach provides clear endpoints for assessment of contaminated properties and the potential remediation of these properties.

Our services also include fundamental electronic data acquisition and management services, including database management using ArcGIS, AutoCADD, and other suitable applications to efficiently manage, reference, and present project-specific geospatial data and trends in an effective manner in both class and non-class litigation work.

We also specialize in regulatory compliance reviews, due diligence surveys, and efficacy reviews related to current or historical OHM site assessment and remediation projects. We offer Licensed Site Professional (LSP), Licensed Environmental Professional (LEP), Certified Professional Geologist (CPG), and Third-Party UST Inspection services.

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