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CHCI projects range from single-property transfer assessments to complex data set management and presentation development in legal support of certified classes of plaintiffs. Our clients include petroleum distributors and retailers, engineering companies and law firms, major transportation companies, property development and holding companies, citizen action groups, and other parties faced with environmental liabilities.

Examples of recent client engagements:

Commercial Vehicle Leasing & Fueling Facility, Hartford, CT.
Assumed managing role for case to resolve and rectify substantial bidding discrepancies and technical design flaws which complicated and impeded the client?s ability to effectively implement remedy and award appropriate contracts. Provided direct oversight of implementation of the remedial actions and bid review process, resulting in successful and timely completion of the system installation activities and 15% overall cost reduction to the client?s budget. Project includes licensed professional oversight.

Fuel Dispensing Facility, East Bridgewater, MA.
Assumed managing role for complex case to resolve significant compliance issues, and assisted in successful consent order negotiations with state on behalf of client. Directed return to compliance for client under substantially condensed timeline as established in the negotiated consent order to avoid further enforcement action. Identified and implemented injection of remedial additive chemical to enhance natural biodegradation processes at site in furtherance of site restoration at substantially-reduced cost relative to other conventional active technologies. Project includes Licensed Professional oversight.

Former Kerosene Manufacturing/Fuels Blending Terminal, South Boston, MA.
Assumed managing role for case after multiple comprehensive assessments indicated feasible remedial technologies to remedy residual separate phase hydrocarbons at site were prohibitively expensive. Responsible for identifying and applying forensic techniques to characterize attributes of separate phase petroleums present at site, and use of innovative techniques to analyze flow and recovery patters to determine if suitable solution can be identified and tasked with its implementation. Project includes licensed professional oversight.

Petroleum Refinery, Meraux, St. Bernard Parish, LA.
Project work included preparation of inspection and sampling plans for lead engineer?s work at refinery and in surrounding neighborhoods, supervision and participation in multi-media sampling activities, and conceptual model development and review for refinery release in post-Katrina setting. Responsible for design and installation of a comprehensive groundwater monitoring well network and modifications to the conceptual model developed for testifying expert. Provided data gap evaluations, obtained and merged multi-source datasets covering nearly 13,000 individual data points centered on St. Bernard?s Parish obtained by the plaintiffs, the defendants, and other municipal, state, and federal agencies into one comprehensive database and GIS model for the lead expert, all of which resulted in successful settlement for plaintiffs.

Chlor-Alkali Manufacturing Plant, McIntosh, AL.
Performed field sampling and custody documentation support for plaintiffs' attorneys and engineers during multimedia sampling program at and near an active chlor-alkali plant. Services included performing data interpretation and reduction, development and maintenance of database and GIS and CAD presentation models, providing testimony at a deposition, and other support for plaintiff?s experts and engineers, resulting in settlement by defendant.

City Hospital/EMS Garage, Boston, MA.
Directed and oversaw remedial efforts and assessment activities at a portion of the city morgue and emergency medical services garage in Boston, Massachusetts. Directed the successful assessment and remediation within two (2) years of discovery, and responsible for demonstrating that permanent solution had been achieved without necessitating restrictions on potential future uses. Project included licensed professional oversight.

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